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TRICKS LEVEL 4 IKO (2 HOURS)                                                                                                                                $140

Ready to become more advanced and learn new techniques? Our instructors will teach you various tricks from a basic jump, a power jibe, a jump with a grab and a jump transition. You will learn how to better assess your riding location and kiteboarding safety when performing these tricks.

WAVE RIDING LEVEL 4 IKO (2 HOURS)                                                                                                                        $140

Join us to conquer the waves! In this course you will learn how to understand and ride the waves on a surfboard, with or without foot straps as well as the correct movement of the kite depending on the direction of the waves and wind. You will also learn how to perform manoeuvres like jibes, bottom turns and jumps.

HYDROFOIL EVOLUTION LEVEL 5 IKO (2 HOURS)                                                                                                           $140

Tired of choppy waters? Leave it with us, we will teach you how to fly! In this course you will master the art of flight. You will start with some theory and board management and continue with body drag technique and waterstart. Once you are riding we will teach you advanced skills so you can foil in style.

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