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DISCOVERY COURSE LEVEL 1 IKO (3 HOURS)                                                                                                         $165

The first day of the beginner course is an introduction to the amazing sport of kiteboarding. It is dedicated to the evaluation of the practice zone (wind direction and potential dangers), equipment set-up, safety systems and first piloting.
The instructor will teach you various safety rules and skills on land to show you the right handling of the kite in order for you to enter the water smoothly and with confidence.

INTERMEDIATE COURSE LEVEL 2 IKO (6 HOURS)                                                                                                   $330

The second day you will enter the water to practice body dragging, where you are pulled by the traction of the kite. Body dragging consists of several exercises in which you will learn to move in the water and get a feel for the possible directions of riding. The most important goals are to learn to create power and acceleration with the movement of the kite by moving away from and returning to the beach while controlling the kite with one hand, learning to retrieve the board and launching the kite from the water.

You will also be introduced and practice the waterstart. The waterstart is the most difficult part of the beginners training, but with our method you can slide above the water with your board in three easy steps.

INDEPENDENT COURSE LEVEL 2/3 IKO (9 HOURS)                                                                                                 $495

The third day is all about bringing all your knowledge together. During waterstart exercise you will learn to coordinate the correct movement of the kite, create speed, position your body and maintain the balance on the board while riding. 

Once you're up and riding at a basic level, you'll need to learn how to stop, how to ride in with both your left and right foot forward, how to keep a solid body position and finally, how to keep the speed under control.

After you've conquered this task, you can really start enjoying the sport.

In most cases, after a full beginner course you'll be able to rent equipment and keep practicing on your own under our supervision.

It is possible to add a fourth day if you are interested in becoming a competent independent rider. We will bring you up to the full Level 3 IKO ability.

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